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  • ut I think▓ they make a great com▓ponent to use in ▓teaching about mo▓dern and con▓temporary Chi▓nese literat▓ure.""Apart from learning t▓he
  • thoughts, feelings, and pr▓iorities of Chines▓e character▓s or authors, I think literature helps con▓vince us of ▓our common humanity,"
  • he said▓. "This is particularly important▓ in a world that uses language▓ and media incr▓easingly to divid▓e us and distance us fro
  • m others.""People who ▓don't read fore▓ign litera▓tures are more likely to view people of other cultures as fundament▓ally different and inc
  • ▓omprehensible. Liter▓ature reminds u▓s that behind ▓walls of polit▓ics and ideol▓ogy there continue to be ordi▓nary people, fli▓rti
  • ng with each other, deali▓ng with the deat▓hs of their paren▓ts, stealing▓ bicycles, catching a col▓d, competing for r▓ecognition, or wo


  • rrying that they look too old when the▓y see themselves in the mirro▓r," he said."We can relate to these things, and the pow▓er of this abi
  • lity to relate is multiplied when it ▓crosses linguistic and cult▓ural barriers. Whe▓n you can see this commonality, you are less likely to d
  • ▓ehumanize some▓one from anothe▓r culture with stereotypes and prejudice, and t▓his could help diminish a lot of hatred and violence," he said.In today's ▓highly visual, d▓igital culture, the challeng
  • e is "how▓ to get literature i▓n front of people," Laughlin said."We are all still r▓eading. Our relati▓onship with p▓aper is changing...the amou
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"So it's abou▓t us helping it proliferate t▓hrough social media,

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with hashtag▓ s and through opin ▓ion influe ncers▓."Science fiction from China, whi ch is highly lit erary, h▓as a 传奇私服发布网站 n digital cu lture, especiall y now tha▓t it is com ing out in movie f orm such as The Wa▓nd ering Earth, h e noted.He s aid Liu Cixi n▓'s fictional wo rlds, su ch as the ▓on e in the Three 理塘县5G 古蔺县5G 牟定县5G 三都水族自治县5G 五大连池市5G 奉化市5G 黎城县5G 丽江市5G 峨边彝族自治县wap 七台河市wap 元氏县wap 方城县5G 武陟县5G 蒙阴县wap 雷山县5G 宁明县wap 桂林市5G 蓝山县wap 静海县wap 山东5G 超超超级变态传奇私服 热血传奇私服单机架设 传奇私服1.80战神终极 现在开传奇私服赚钱吗 最新东北网通传奇私服 热血传奇私服玉兔 传奇私服gm命令查看 今日新开电信传奇私服 传奇私服网站架设教程 最新手游传奇私服网